All of us rely on electricity to run our own household or organization, however, sooner or later, the big power providers will stop delivering people’s requirements due to the fact we aren’t building sufficient power stations. Here is a way to cope.

Whenever the energy goes out, it’s important to understand that your trusty back-up power generator will routinely keep things running while avoiding interruption. Simply Generators appreciates this and therefore sells only high quality power generators in addition to accessories. No matter if you need a good electrical generator for your company, home or perhaps caravan, our competent team members will definitely support you to guarantee the energy that you need never goes out.

New and Used Commercial Generators

Pramac p6000 simply generators ltd

Pramac p6000 from Simply Generators Ltd

We have completely new industrial power generators from Perkins, KIPOR and Cummins and also used commercial appliances from John Deere, Perkins and Iveco. A brand new Perkins 110kVA model is compact though built with a heavy duty diesel engine. Using a 195 litre fuel tank and an acoustic hood, this powerful model is ideal wherever noise minimization is really a requirement. Most new industrial models come with a twelve months warranty.

Used power generators help save organizations hundreds and hundreds of pounds without ever reducing quality or reliability. By way of example, a previously owned Perkins 200 kVA 3 Phase FG Wilson delivers considerable electrical power, a good acoustic canopy and minimum maintenance, and is supported by a twelve months warranty.

Residential Generators

Our non-commercial line comes in diesel standby, gas standby or transportable models. For the reason that reduced acoustics are usually so essential with regard to residential models, our own tremendously silent 20 kVA singe phase unit has a sound killing housing and compact size and digital monitoring in addition to self-diagnostics to maintain the actual electrical power whilst the upkeep is minimum. At 51db, this product actually is ‘super silent.’

Our gas standby unit from SDMO RES 16 features a maximum power output of 16.175 kVA, and boasts an automatic mains failure control that will start the power generator in the event that there’s an electricity interruption. Running entirely on natural gas or LPG, this crucial item of gear maintains the heat on and the appliances running in an unexpected emergency.

Transportable portable power generators have proven to be suitable for caravanning or sailing. The BDE 5kVA features a key start, a helpful alarm that will let you know in the event that oil levels are reduced and crystal clear fuel level indicators. The compact architecture and four wheeled base makes it simple to move about, and it has plugs for 115/230 V outlets.

To keep energy levels from varying throughout a mains power cut, the BDE features an automatic voltage regulator. To ensure your home, company or leisure vehicle has sufficient electrical power, please have a look at our kVA calculator at

Enter the particulars for the requirements so as the calculator can let you know roughly how much capacity is appropriate.

The kVA calculator is actually only a general guide. We advocate contacting our team to ensure you find the very best generator for the job. Our specialists will answer any problems you may have and they are able to offer you a no cost quote.


Generator Hire

We now hire generators throughout Devon & Cornwall and have launched a dedicated website if you’re interested in generator rental. Check out


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