portable gennerator, power generator, electric generator, electricity generator, generatorIt is a fact that when, on 22nd December last, in Georgetown, Ontario, a powerful storm caused a power outage in 750,000 homes across the region and it became impossible for John Whittaker to supply everybody, who asked, with a power generator. His store, something like the size of ‘Simply Generators,’ quickly ran out of units as did the suppliers who provide the store with electricity generators.  What if this happened in the south west?  It very nearly did earlier this year, but, fortunately however, the Power line people were quick to get things up and running again. It could happen again, only next time it could be worse. How would we cope without electricity, say, for days?

Some people and businesses are already prepared for it, in that they have bought, or hired some form of generating device from Simply Generators, so that, in the event of a power outage, the generator will return the premises to normality within seconds, or in the time it takes to start the machine.

Electrical outages are just a fact of life. Trees do fall on electrical lines, transformers suffer malfunctions and even one single squirrel can knock out a neighbourhood’s power for several hours. Most people just accept this as a fact of life and even more believe it will not happen to them and even if it does, the power companies have been fairly quick to restore the power. But what if it’s a big storm like that in Ontario, where many thousands of homes and businesses suffer? We could be without power for days and days before the power company rectify the problem.

‘Simply Generators’ have the answer for you. They stock and can source practically any generator going, from large diesel driven power units, fit for the largest companies, to a small portable, petrol driven generator, ideal for the average home or caravan. They have units that would keep a chicken farmer’s hen houses heated, a pensioner’s home appliances running, or a large corporation’s computer system functioning for days on end. There’s an electric power generator that will fit every requirement and you will find that Simply Generator’s staff are knowledgeable and helpful, so make a list of the essential items you must have running during a power outage, even if it’s just the kettle and TV, and give them a call.



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