heavy duty generatorNumerous people and businesses are currently prepared for a power outage in the near future, because they are aware that the UK has been slow in planning for when the old nuclear power stations come to the end of their lives. It is a distinct possibility that, as the old stations are decommissioned, there will be a period where the demand for electricity cannot be met. The result will be that some areas of the UK will be without power and it will happen many times until sufficient generating power is restored. The restoration will only occur if new electrical generating stations come on line that can fill the gap.

What precautions can the householder, as well as the businessman, take in order not to be affected by these power cuts? Well, the only realistic answer is to purchase, or rent, an electrical power generator.

There is a huge variety of power generators available, some are petrol driven, small and portable, others are huge, diesel driven, monsters capable of maintaining the daily workload of a large computing company. The question is, what do you actual need the electrical generator to power? A small house could probably make do with a portable generator that enables the owners to make the tea, watch television and run the ‘fridge, while a farmer may want all of that, plus several lighting units for his barn where animals require a certain heat level in mid-winter. A large industrial complex may require a huge amount of electricity to run machinery and office computers and peripherals.

The best thing a person can do is to make a list of what components are essential to run, say in the coldest weather, or, in some cases, the hottest and talk it over with one of Simply Generator’s staff, who will answer any of your questions and also be able to recommend the right power generator for your needs.

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