welderNow is the time, before the winter storms begin, to consider the purchase of a power generator that will supply you with sufficient electricity in the eventuality of a power cut. Don’t let yourself be caught out like so many were in last winter’s gales. The Power Companies always do their utmost to re-connect the consumer , but it all depends on the severity of the storm and the volume of homes and businesses that have lost power, as to how long a re-connection will take.

Before purchasing a power generator, make a list of the items you could not do without in the worst scenario. Certainly, for the home, it would be the kettle, followed by the heating and domestic hot water system and the Televison. The more items one adds to that list, the more power will need to be generated. Senior citizens and the infirm might have need of an electric blanket and, perhaps, an additional TV in their bedroom. Younger people are lost without their laptop, so that would need re-charging regularly. Should the house have an electric car, some do these days, without a charge the vehicle would be useless. Then there’s the little things, like the microwave, the food mixer and the lights. It’s unlikely that any of us can now exist without the ‘fridge and most kitchens also have a freezer. To be without any of these things will cause some distress since we are all accustomed to the smooth running of electrical gadgets.To suddenly be without the lot, hardly bears thinking about. With your own power generator everything would be operational as normal, that is, providing you have sufficient fuel for the length of time it will take to get the electricity back on line.

With businesses, it is possible that the entire shebang will come to a standstill, which could, in some cases, spell disaster. The bigger the business, the more likely it is that more equipment will need to be kept running. Things like computers, which we all take for granted these days, would be useless without power, never mind all their peripherals. If the heating is inoperative, it would, in all probability mean that the workforce would be sent home. A business, say for example a small holding, might lose plants or livestock without adequate heating. In hot climates, the sudden loss of cooling systems might be probematical.

When choosing a power generator, in addition to a list of items that ought to be kept running, take into account the type of fuel you will need and where it is to be stowed. Where the machine is to be sited and properly ventelated. Have you considered the neighbours; will they complain if the generator creates noise? ¬†What about the generator’s maintenance? Do you wish to buy, or hire for a period? All these questions should be considered, and in any event, have a chat with one of the professionals from where you propose to select your power generator; they are always most helpful and will be in a position to supply the right power generator for your needs.

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