20Kva super silent residential genertorWhether you run a small or large business, there will certainly come a time when there is a power cut and uncertainty regarding the normal supply looms ominously. Would losing power cause you a small set-back, or would it be disastrous? In either case you should investigate the advantages of installing a power generator.

It is common enough that some people have bought a generator without enough consideration as to their actual needs. Buying a power generator that will not allow you to run all your electrical appliances at once, will be a waste of money; on the other hand, buying a generator that is too powerful for your needs is extravagant.

It may be, that you only require a certain amount of electricity for a one-off event, or you may require a stand-by generator that allows you to run a vast amount of computers throughout the day; and don’t forget the security alarms during the night, which means a generator with automatic cut-in when the power outage occurs.

Whether you need a power generator for a marquee, a small business, a large factory complex, farm or hospital, we have the generator. Will you need a Single Phase, or a Three Phase? Do you know the good and bad points of petrol, diesel and LPG? Do you want a new or used power generator? Talk to us in the first instance, we have the knowledge and are always glad to help.

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