the-gridIn view of the latest news, two nuclear power stations may be off line for some time, it is evident that we can expect some power outages in the next few months, especially during peak times. Without a power generator, a power cut may be only a matter of inconvenience for the householder, but for some businesses it could mean anything from lost customers to a catastrophic waste of materials, man power, livestock, etc.

In order to be prepared for such an event, it is imperative that business owners think of installing a standby power generator, whereby it provides all the power needed for your operation. It may be, that only lighting and heating is required, or freezers are kept going, on the other hand you may have charge of a whole complex of offices where loss of power could mean loss of millions of pounds.

A standby power generator can run on petrol, diesel or gas; some are super silent and some just sense when the power is being cut and start up immediately so that those who depend on electricity in the business are unaware that a changeover has occurred. We can supply brand new, powerful generators, or we can rent out for a set period, or even hire you a generator for an event.

We can supply the power generator that is best suited to your requirements. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable staff members, who will help you in your choice. Remember, the cuts will happen; be prepared.

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