hyundai-saleWe all agree that the summer of 2014 was fantastic; bags of sunshine and lots of warm weather. Alas! Now we must face whatever the winter has to offer. Already, most of us have experienced thunder storms, but nothing exceptional, yet. However, we have a long way to go and with the up and coming storms we should expect to lose electric power, at least once before the next summer.

In view of what might hit us, and the so-called, ‘experts,’ warn us that the storms are likely to become more frequent and powerful, how many of us are prepared for that power cut? How many have asked themselves if they could manage without electrical power for a prolonged period, say, 24 to 36 hours, or even longer? There is a way to prepare for such a scenario whether you are a householder, small businessman or an executive in a large Company.

We, at Simply Generators, a Wadebridge Company in Cornwall, stock, or can source all types of generators, from portable electric power generators, suitable for the home or caravan, to large diesel powered electric generators, able to keep everything in a hospital, or manufacturing concern, running for days.


One of the best-selling power generators for the home is our Hyundai DHY6000SELR, which can run for 30 hours on a tank full of diesel, so you are not going to miss that programme, another big plus is that it’s noise rating is only 70 db at 7 metres, that’s pretty quiet, and it has an electric start, which means no tugging on a starter cord. We also deliver it to your door for free and throw in a free maintenance kit. Ring Steve or John, now, to discuss your requirements.

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