Yanmar 8KVA

Yanmar 8KVA – Ex MOD

EU regulations affecting the UK, means that older, polluting, fossil fuel power plants must be de-commissioned thus placing the country at risk of winter power cuts. According to the National Grid, the risk of blackouts this coming winter, for those without an electrical generator, is at its highest level for years. This, apparently, will be due to the reserves of electricity having been halved in that last twelve months; down from 4% to 2%. That’s a pretty small margin.

Now, therefore, is the time for businesses and home owners to consider an alternative method of generating electricity for their own use and what better place to fulfil that requirement than Simply Generators of Wadebridge. We can supply the electricity generator ideal for your needs, whether you have a small residential property, an average sized business or a huge manufacturing concern.

We sell all types of electrical generators, new and used; we also rent out various models. Have a good look around our website and talk with one of our knowledgeable staff. You can be assured that whichever generator you decide upon, it will be right for your requirements.

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