Simply Generators Ltd,s New Pro-Rental range.

Simply Generators Ltd are pleased to announce the introduction of our Professional generator range. These new generators are designed to cover all aspects of your power needs, from emergency, rental, prime power or standby power these generators have all the necessary features that will cover your requirements. These generator sets are manufactured by one of the world’s top 5 generator set manufacturers. The UK subsidiary has been trading from the Midlands since 1990’s and is part of a global organisation that is responsible for turning out 24,000 sets per year. All generators come with a comprehensive UK/Global warranty and comply with the latest regulations.



When speed and convenience are part of your requirements, this generator has many advantages over other products. Multiple quick fit external sockets for power connection, extra large long run base tank, external fuel filler, fork lift pockets and lifting points all housed in a robust sound attenuated canopy.


When long periods of use are needed. this generator is fitted with 3 way valves enabling you to connect quickly with an external fuel source. Generator also has a lockable external fuel filler to save messy accidents when filling. For security and safety all access points are lockable and generator is equipped with an external battery isolator.


Generator is controlled by DSE (Deep Sea Electronics). This is a fully automated control capable of monitoring the mains supply for power failure. As generator needs to be ready to start at a moments notice other features include a Battery Charger and Engine Water Heater.


Generator can be mounted on a fast tow trailer at an extra cost.

For more information: specifications


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