3 Phase Diesel Generator made by AKSA UK and powered by PERKINS. Price : Model Specs from £17,500 to £19,995 Finance from £99 P/W


Continuous power or automatic backup applications

This APD200P utilises the  1106A-70tag3 6 cylinder TURBO diesel engine ensuring longevity, reliability and fuel efficiency. Diesel Engine revs at 1500RPM and returns a fuel economy of 40 litres per hour at FULL load.

Industry leading control manufacturers Deep Sea Electronics supply the control system. Capable of monitoring the mains supply for interruption and once detected, automatically starting the generator. Likewise when mains supply returns, shutting generator down. Control also monitors all safety systems from the engine including oil pressure, temperature, RPM. Control also safeguards any problem with the power generation such as over volts, over speed, over HZ.

Developed and tested by one of the world’s most well known alternator manufacturers.

A must have accessory for any backup generator. Keeps the battery at it’s peak performance.

Important feature to ensure engine temperature is ideal for starting effortlessly in cold weather.

Compact design made with a footprint of 1933mm x 963mm and height of 1213mm.  Steel canopy painted with electrostatic polyester powder and lined with acoustic insulation ensuring a quiet running operation. Integral diesel base tank with 350 litre maximum capacity. Total dry weight of generator 2360kgs

18 months or 2000 hour manufacturer’s warranty. Backed up by a global generator company with trained engineers and a professional after sales office based in the UK.3 Phase Diesel Generator made by AKSA UK and powered by PERKINS. Suitable for both prime power and emergency backup power applications. This diesel generator has mains monitoring capability, and when used in conjunction with an ATS, provide a fully automatic mains failure back up solution. Using only quality branded components, and powered by a PERKINS 1500RPM diesel engine. This generator is designed to be reliable and long lasting. Housed in an acoustic canopy ensures a Super-Silent operation. UK Manufactured.

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Name: Perkins 200KVA UK Manufactured
Finance: Finance from £99 P/W
Price: Model Specs from £17,500 to £19,995
Year: New
Hours: Test Hours only
Prime Rating: 180VA
Max Amp Rating: 200VA
Max KW Rating: 160KW
Max KVA Rating:
Outlet Sockets:
Phase: 3 Phase
Voltage: 400V
Engine: Perkins 1106A-70TAG3
Welding Control:
Alternator: Stamford Single Bearing
Control: DSE 6020 Automatic/Mains Monitoring
Canopy: Galvanised Steel, Powder Coated, Silent
Warranty: 18 months/2000 hours

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