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Not sure what size of generator you need? Use our free KVA calculator to work out your generator requirements

Step 1: Start by choosing what purpose your generator will be used for.

Step 2: Just add quantity figures in the boxes beside the items (you can add numbers into multiple boxes). Add extra items if you need to.

Step 3: When you’re ready, press “Calculate”. The calculator will then tell you how much power is required based on your selections. You can print your results using the “Print” button.

Please note this calculator is to be used as a guide only, we always recommend you speaking with a qualified tradesperson regarding your final requirements and installation.

Certain loads require more current to start than to run. Most generators can provide 100% overload for start up purposes. The generator size must be equal or greater than the total consumption of all applications. The higher starting requirement must be taken into account accordingly. To maximise the generator potential, the largest electrical motor should be started on its own and further appliances should only be switched on thereafter.This Calculator is intended as a guide, we advise you consult with a qualified tradesperson regarding your generator purchase and installation.
Alligator saw 1020 W
Angle grinders
125mm dia 1050 W
180mm dia 2000 W
230mm dia 2200 W
12 in dia 2400 W
Belt Sander 1020 W
Cement mixer 1320 W
Centrifugal Pump 2in 2000 W
Chain Saw 1150 W
Circular Saw up to 1800 W
6cfm 2200 W
14cfm 6000 W
Concrete mixer 1300 W
Concrete poker 1500 W
Cut off machine (12in dia) 2400 W
Dehumidifier 3000 W
Disc sander 1200 W
Fan heater up to 3000 W
Floor sander 8in 2000 W
Floor scrubber 1000 W
Hammer drill 1150 W
Hot air gun 1500 W – 2000 WW
Impact wench from 440 W to 850 WW
Jig saw 550 W
Kango demolition hammer 1050 W – 1400 WW
Lathe 750 W
Masonry Saw
10in 4000 W
14in 8000 W
Mitre Saw 900 W – 1650 WW
Nibbler upto 500 W
Orbital sander upto 500 W
Planer 900 W
Power float 1500 W
Pressure washer (2.4gpm) 3000 W
Rotary hammer 1010 W
Router 1600 W- 1850 WW
Polisher 950 W
Stone cutter 1050 W
Tamper Z-beam 1500 W
Vacuum pump 1500 W
Wallpaper stripper 1200 W


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