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A Power Generator Will Soon Be Needed

In view of the latest news, two nuclear power stations may be off line for some time, it is evident that we can expect some power outages in the next few months, especially during peak times. Without a power generator, … Read more >

Portable Generators for Outside Events

    At Simply Generators, we sell generators all over the world and provide generator rental and hire for weddings, parties, festivals, emergency back up, sporting events, outside catering and mobile power throughout the South West, Cornwall, Devon, Plymouth and … Read more >

Planning An Outside Event?


Choosing A Generator

There are countless power generators in use today, but basically, they all fall into two categories; domestic and commercial. Within those categories there are diesel powered, gas powered and petrol powered. Knowing which generator would suit your purposes requires careful … Read more >

Hire A Generator

There are lots of reasons why an individual or business would need to hire a generator to create a temporary power source. Whether you’re launching a local music festival outdoors, or a cultural event. Perhaps someone in your family is … Read more >

Using Generators Once The Energy Is Cut

All of us rely on electricity to run our own household or organization, however, sooner or later, the big power providers will stop delivering people’s requirements due to the fact we aren’t building sufficient power stations. Here is a way … Read more >